[Gaia] +2 New Castles!
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-kirei-: Amazon, assassin,necro lvl 20city don't have castle.
19-07-21 14:17
death_tempo: A few problems. Gold is basically useless now so everyone has a lot of it. Castle trolls will always exist, which ruins the fun for others. Issues are pretty much being recycled at this point lol
19-07-20 07:26
pangetka: Make daily donations of gold /credits from members to buy castle guards...

Let us use other supreme potion so we can change our primary class bonus to other class bonus...
19-07-20 06:12
kael18--: Make atleast one power guard in every castle
19-07-20 05:40
xaxdxix11: Nice
19-07-20 05:28
-fright-: can you make necromancer stronger
19-07-20 04:40
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