[Gaia PvP #50] Round of Kings!
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scrolls_hunter: druids are like dead characters in this round no one trying to lvl up also other than 1 or 2

the last update made druids so worst to choose i think u should have left the same like before on dragons like 75% spell cap and only have made dex more usable on dragons that should have made the balance but what ur doing is while trying to make dex type equal u made wis so poor that no one wants to play druid

also druids are masters of spell yet they dont have any spells like fend or any spell like frenzy which make it so hard to farm with druids cant even kill a rank 1 fallen archangel easily takes like 700hits to kill 1

also before only druids cast 75% so slow is good for them now everyone casts 75% spells so surely druids need a spell like fend and a attacking spell may be or a spell which dec enemy dex and dam and increase our dex or something atleast decrease enemy dex and increase our dex which can atleast be helpful for druids

but druids to me are dead char in this round

never seen any balance on wis and dex/dam i cant even do more than 10k dam while they do easily 100k damage wow dreamer nice balance -facepalm-
19-08-12 07:11
-tak3n-: Need dragon plate, eye and crest and also aurora portal .. this round is too long and its getting boring

Charm drops is so bad, no charms in 4k kills..
19-08-11 13:04
blackmamba_: King of Garuda's Magic scroll
King of Garuda's Magic scroll
Crafted with gear items.
Strength: +500
Dexterity: +500
Endurance: +1000
Wisdom: +1000
Prot. from Air: 75%

Did you improve the stats or just a glitch only?

death_tempo: ACTUAL King of garuda's scroll stats

Crafted with gear items.
Strength: +200
Dexterity: +200
Endurance: +200
Wisdom: +400
Prot. from Air: 75%
Level: 100
18-10-03 14:28

*Upgrade the dragon scrolls too.
19-08-08 10:58
3jibidehb: Druid-the most stupid, weak and insignificant class !!! it is beaten by everyone who is not lazy !!! and why you didn’t turn off the event chat?this is PVP round!!!
19-08-07 22:52
argos: Used 400+ ms on plainwalkers relic didn't get mighty gorgon king title... Frustrating 👎👎👎👎
19-08-06 11:23
_dalla--dalla_: crafting by magic scrolls sucks, should've just fix the repetition of mobs title
Also increase recipes drop rate

U should've named the round "Round of The Rich"-rofl-peace hahaha
19-08-02 08:07
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