[Gaia PvP] Bonus Set of Scrolls!
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farrel-ll: I hope next round martis pvp or terra pvp
19-08-16 15:16
the_jockers: since fixing it isnt an option (fb conection).. please create a cabinet similar to previos one where we can accses our acounts without haveing to go trouh pw and id ..or make it so we can transfer all items from pvp rounds to main char
19-08-15 10:47
19-08-14 06:48
scrolls_hunter: first make balance on dex/dam and wis

im having best wis gear doing like 10k dam and dam hitters even with normal gears does 100k how can this be balanced

Wisdom: 42,756 (1,212) +81% with this wis im struglling and yet everyone complaining druids too powerful for dragons...RIP druids
19-08-13 21:21
gypsiqueen: Interesting change dreamer and thank yoou !

P.S. dreamer please fix pet bug! A hydra just slayed my dragon lord !
19-08-13 15:53
lpg_3kg: 😂😂🖒🖒🖒
19-08-13 13:57
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