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gingerboy35: I agree with blackmamba, but maybe have different round for lower level so that we could play those within our range of a level. This would entail us to then have a chance for lesser prizes, but prizes none the less.
Also, it would be cool to form teams, but i dont know how we could stop the possibility of an OP alliance. in these alliances you could either work together, or you have the option of backstabbing those on your team. I think that maybe the backstabbing would mean that on the first turn of the attack, the one being attacked would then not be able to attack except any spells that may be on. This would then turn it into a battle of trust and wits, becuase you would have to think hard about who to trust, like in the hunger gaves essentially.
This would make level and items less prominant and thereby hopefully leveling the playing field for a better, more entertaining battle. If anyone has anymore ideas expanding on mine, feel free to critique my writing and make it better.
At the same time i understand that pay to win is inevitable, but the fact is that there are ways to beat those who use $$ to their advantage. the only reason y people are mad about pay to win is because the fact that they arent paying. if you hate pay to win, ask yourself what you would say if you used the taxes. To quote the little rascals, all the money in the world is no substitute for hard work and ingenuity. If you spend less work harder, its that simple. Thnx

P.S. thank you boudica for agreeing with my lower class idea, but, whoever is giving him credit for it, please realize that it was my idea. all in all, I thank boudica for helping my idea flourish.
19-09-01 09:03
boudica: This game is Free to Play. What is it that you guys don't understand about that? Credits buyers are the supporters of this Free to Play game. Because supporters put money in dreamer's pocket, helping him to pay for the servers, they get some perks. You can't honestly demand that dreamer give all non supporters the same perks that supporters receive. (or demand that he doesn't give supporters those perks) That just doesn't make sense. What would be the incentive for supporters to continue to support the game?

Face it, because of the STINGINESS of non supporters, dreamer will probably end this game soon. Then our non supporters can move on to other games that they can suck the life out of like the parasitic leeches that they are.

👉 "Taking a short breath & rethinking the game's future is what's on the horizon right now." 👈

Where we go from here is entirely up to the players... If you want a free ride with all the benefits at no cost to you, this game will die. If you are willing to put in some effort & sweat equity, the game will survive, but just barely. If you really want to see the game succeed & come back better than ever before, invest in this game... become a supporter. Then refer your friends... Dreamer can't carry the load alone.

Dreamer has done everything humanly possible to make the non supporters happy, without success. Sad... -bad-

Parasites that kill the host are really kind of stupid. If you kill the host, there will be no more hosts to drain the life from... Get it?

🌟I would like to see new lands opened in G1, with more powerful mobs.

👉Please give us a way to delete excess, unused spells. It's annoying to scroll through a huge list of spells that you no longer need or use.

⭐ Some of the posts by other players about pvp rounds for lower level players & newbies makes sense... Sort of like a Junior Olympics... I can envision a pvp round for newbies, with the top two grand prizes being Supreme Death Angels & the lesser prizes be Death Angels... Other prizes could be level 100-120 recipes with epic rarity... BUT... We would need to be able to monitor who is participating because there are a few experienced players here who would enter to take it all just because it makes them feel omnipotent & godlike.
19-09-01 06:27
blackmamba_: For a totally complete fair/balance round

1.From iu's idea long time ago.Only one class on every each (gaia)round.Example,next gaia round are all druid class.

2.Sp's from purchasing creds are for main account only,dont include gaia pvp account.

3.Enemy ranks are the same in the same land.
For example, all enemies in Level 21 land will spawn as Rank 5.Bring back that update.

I assure you it will be a complete balance round.

**(g1)Continues additional class stats bonus when you reach lvl 151 and up so we still have a purpose to level up.
19-08-31 09:46
--aturdor--: Please fix FB login... that's all

And I thank you
19-08-29 04:32
edowado: *edit:
I like boudica's idea about lower class competition, my suggestion is that, special entrance key maybe given only to those who are eligible to join that conpetition.

one of the best round.
*it is good to have a single class round.
* I like Mamba's suggestion except getting rid of bonus sp on pvp. Because some of us are busy irl,(don't have enough time to grind) and can't compete well without it. For the people who thinks that it is unfair, i guess they are wrong because we all have access to the purchase page ;D . Its up to you make use of it.

ps: dont hate me -rofl-
19-08-28 00:56
the_jockers: Ay next round pls make it a short round (2 weeks?):) dont have the time to play a long one nor the mental energy -good-
19-08-26 22:36
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