[Martis PvP] Round #51
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-iky-: * No Experience gains limit.
All wins give +100%. Experimental for this round.
* No marketplace or trades, this update made this round extremely expensive and random runes, jewels and recipes are always bad.

I don’t think this round is fun, its a weird round.. with many bad decisions..
19-09-09 10:56
orion-: so very bored idea's
19-09-07 12:47
wolfkingzay1: na
19-09-06 22:50
reptilianking: lol rewards
19-09-05 22:40
ruina: Need balancing at drop rate now -rofl-
19-09-05 18:43
-supercell-: No trading gear is good and no market place.. All alts of non credit buyer are shot down.this round is realy burn our credit. We'r ok no credit reward make xtra reward insted like windigo ring or mythic powder or make double honor points something like that
19-09-05 00:07
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