Extended Sale & New Arena/PvP Seasons
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fighter_: It will become funnier if SMS method available in my country
19-09-02 17:06
lastmoment: Long live bd
19-09-02 09:24
just_game: Stop to pvp tourney warior,,
19-09-02 01:24
the_jockers: Dreamer how about rewards for pvp wins?but here is a trick..the pvp wins resets to 0 whenever the player reaches the 10 lvl gap(1-10/10-20/20-30 etc) and so thats to prevent alt abuse but basicly the top 5 or 10 players (lvl wise based on the gap ) and with most pvp wins will win the i dont wana see "material" creds or things that helps you improve your g1/m1 char but we woud get some pvp points that woud allow us to buy titles that woud be desplayed on our profile titles dont hava to give eny or whatsoever advantage but simply estethic ..from funny titles to cool titles..i think this woud bring a breath of fresh air ..hope you consider
19-09-01 22:52
-iky-: Challenge! Yes!
19-09-01 22:30
bowroyal: waiting for new challenge -good-
19-09-01 22:17
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