Reptilian King Challenge
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argos: 1star coz only top 1 get scroll. Atleast make it top 3 for martis. And top 5 for gaia.Please tnx or top 5 get additional crocman ms

P.s. 14 days not enough to get to lvl 50. Reptilian too strong.
19-09-09 09:56
_username_: Btw whats that 1000c for lvl 100?-rofl- i think its so hilarios thats makeing me lauth and roll..ahem seriosly take that dawn it makes people lazy
19-09-05 16:14
19-09-04 22:16
-moonlight-: Will give stars according to number of scrolls 🤔
19-09-04 18:55
-blade-knight-: 🤔
19-09-04 05:56
the_jockers: Fix that anoyng chat pls.alteast let me make it compact!/ let me give more details..the chat on either servers is broken we cant close it or make it compact when we go to settings and press chat option all it does is refresh the page and so its very anoying to hunt with that big chunky chat open..not to mention its takeing away my atention.pls fix it many others noticed and complain about it.tnx
19-09-03 20:30
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