Top-20 of Reptilian Challenge gets Crocman's Scrolls & Crocman Update
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ribaz: next round gaia pvp no marketplace,no credit transfer, only 1 same class,lower gear requirement, drop rate of piece ,magic / title scroll,runes,and recipe 70%,can access all map without requirement lvl
19-09-17 03:17
19-09-16 06:21
mas_amir_s4: ADD reward myth powder for rank 6-10 Martis PVP
19-09-16 03:43
-iky-: All martis #2 Players gets only 4 days to hunt charms, please remove all charms level requirement and increase charm drop rates.

Instead of making those crocs weaker, you should have increased their spawn rate.. 20+ event units a day and still some people have bad luck getting charms or epic powders.. how are these bd wave and royal wave hunters gonna buy them if there is no mp?? and they probably wont get to hunt them or spawn them on lower levels cause of the *No Win Limit* which keeps them busy levelling all day 🤦‍♀️

Charm drops is bad yet again

***Bad decisions***

Bless the supporters with heroic powder 😂
19-09-11 12:04
-timeless-: Thank You dreamer !
19-09-10 23:17
swayyah: Please increase drop rate of recs around low lvl mobs or increase the rate of recs in quests so that we can at least have a decent chance of lvling up. I'm going crazy with shitty random recs and no rec drops -wall-
As this is an experimental round I suggest you give more player satisfaction. Even completing pieces gears are too hard, where are those damn pieces -wall-
19-09-10 19:29
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