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asgareth: I suggest we also host a round for non paying players. Druid class since that's the hardest to lvl up: low drop rates and no credit rewards. With only honour points as rewards. The top rewards can be mini boss scrolls like lava golem or crocman and automatic transformation into Death Angel for the ones who kill bd or royal bd. I think it would be pretty decent :)
Ps : no one can buy credits and get bonus sp

Credits goes to the players who suggested them before me :)
19-09-23 14:00
19-09-22 11:30
nagrom: Facebook has detected Black
Dragon MMORPG isn't using a
secure connection to transfer
Until Black Dragon MMORPG updates its
security settings, you won't be able to use
Facebook to log into it.
Pliz fix this.. i cant login my main coz of this issue
19-09-22 06:11
_crusader_: Very bad round
19-09-21 06:39
-trust-: Next Amazon only HM ok, hope no more delay or i lost my interesting again.
19-09-20 06:10
sidon: @-timeless-: spoof is already a diablo...he can't win diablo again can he?...if you read previous announcements, diablos can now hunt bd and rd for thier scroll. .but only non diablo can win diablo. .
19-09-19 17:25
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