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lia_: I got like 3 peasant titles out of 10 ms I used-facepalm-
19-09-28 07:03
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19-09-27 15:30
xxx_valkyr_xxx: Why remove from the game things that are already time-tested and most players like? I’m talking about quests ... they also allowed those who spend a lot of time playing the game, although they could be compared to those who invest real money ... now this is not and the differences between such players are obvious! they also rewarded the players for the time spent in the game, diversified it! please return the quests!
19-09-26 12:03
fretky: Bug pet battle
IM not sure mirror pet, if my pet always Miss hit
Pet 140+ dex vs monster with 30-50 dex. My pet always Miss hit then monster always do hit
19-09-26 07:23
-timeless-: I still say unlimited experience is best. That way you dont need quest for experience and it keeps people from making alts or at least keeps it down.
19-09-25 13:45
--shoot--: Like bowroyal ideas -good-
19-09-25 11:55
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