[Gaia PvP #52] Amazons Round is OVER!
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asgareth: Can you make a announcement for suggesting ideas to kill boredom in g1 during pvp round
Thank you
19-10-20 14:39
farrel-ll: Next round terra or martis pvp
19-10-19 12:19
santt: Next round Barbarians, and make round less pay to win. Prizes from 1 to 80 placed.
19-10-18 18:05
s0rri: Next round should be druid they have always been weak in pvp server
19-10-16 14:41
bernie: Next round you can make new assassins pieced weapons...and a unique dual wield weapon-hearts-
19-10-16 04:42
-lord_argacn2-: Congrats👍
19-10-16 02:03
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