[Gaia PvP] Next Round: Necromancers! Got Ideas?
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yueki_kirigaya: Make new equipment etc gloves and pants..after merge whould u like to make a portal to antagarich from conflux town thank btw... 😉
19-10-28 02:07
swtdrmzz: *wonders what boudica is talking about* retro? No market place? There's always been market place in pvp server ;D you must be think of s3

P. S. People saying no credit pvp -point- this is how dreamer pays for rent for the server. He's been having to use his own $$ , so stop crying and help.
19-10-27 20:10
solitary: agian boring
19-10-26 21:55
lazark: I return here only to play PvP round and not to mention that many players did tha same. The fact is that PvP round is way better.
So here are my opinions;
1. Frequent pumpkin drops.
2. Disable credit transfer.
3. Abolish the clan system.
4. Frequent jewels drop, including charms.
5. Max win is good, so i think you should keep it.
6. Minimize exp gains.
7. Abolish monster's level.
8. Monster pumpkin hunt.
9. Forbid dragonstone.
19-10-26 12:53
camrox19: First, remove the whole Gaia PvP aspect. Second, Make it Terra PvP because that was the best PvP round I ever played
19-10-26 09:42
z4ck1y: Add spell increase wisdom and magic damage.
19-10-26 08:27
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