[Gaia PvP #54] X-mas Round of Barbarians!
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bankersuba: no hp boost effect is bad one who hits first always wins -wall- not fun of pvp there
19-12-20 16:33
-vest5: I kill player but i dont got their equipment, hp boost still work
19-12-06 21:10
your_market: Hate with hp bost not have evect at pvp. Lvl 50 with rune can deal up to 10k my healt only only 4k. This bad pvp server. -lol- -lol- -wall-
19-12-05 06:31
19-12-04 20:22
-jumbo2-: yeah
19-12-01 10:04
death_tempo: -swoon-
19-11-30 12:58
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