[Gaia PvP #54] X-mas Round of Barbarians!
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-vest5: I kill player but i dont got their equipment, hp boost still work
19-12-06 21:10
your_market: Hate with hp bost not have evect at pvp. Lvl 50 with rune can deal up to 10k my healt only only 4k. This bad pvp server. -lol- -lol- -wall-
19-12-05 06:31
19-12-04 20:22
-jumbo2-: yeah
19-12-01 10:04
bankersuba: i wont worry if its just normal damage on pvp with no hp boost effect but with 3x damage at lvl 80 or 90 with runes it will be easy to deal 10k damage for sure that will be the most possible hp here a player can have at that stage ...i guess every pvp will result in a death
19-11-30 15:01
death_tempo: -swoon-
19-11-30 12:58
bladsy: 1/4
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