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-timeless-: Opz almost missed this 1 . how about 10 round like old school? Gold drops on ground. No healing, stam or mana pots on ground. Have to walk step by step to go places. Mines open. But let dragons fly!
20-01-19 00:19
20-01-16 12:21
aspect-2k: Do same features as round before-ok- no jewels or charms in pvp only for mobs!
20-01-16 10:32
nightshadows: Thanks for keeping the game alive for a decade how about a special event to lead up to pvp server round and you should appoint some new adult moderators since all current ones have left
20-01-16 07:39
-_deadshot_-: Weasel for mod
20-01-15 23:45
bowroyal: try to be active pls ..

waiting for updates
20-01-15 22:41
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