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full-rejuv-pots: Top-1 player will get an exclusive item but it's not decided yet - the winner might be able to choose himself/herself (the type or the primary attribute).
Still not given. The event already end before last round.
20-03-02 08:26
20-03-02 08:25
nightshadows: Round ended still with no news, twists, or updates. Where are you? As you can see lots of old players as well new players are unhappy with the way the round went all dragons dead within an hour and we still waiting on our exclusive gear rewards from royal dragon event on gaia and martis servers.
20-03-01 21:44
rust_dragon: Waiting ur promise
20-03-01 20:16
looms: Please make random recipe prize rank tier to mythic, not epic, coz price mythic powder are crazy
20-02-28 18:19
-dragon--dragon-: Pets ranking?
20-02-28 07:21
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