+9 New Legendaries
-seijitsu-: PvP should include hp boost.

140+ recipes should at least included in random.

Worst round!
20-02-17 17:51
looms: So fun can kill ppl alt so easy ;D I hope next round same like this :) and make weapon drop too when he die, make runes can deconstruct too
20-02-16 22:07
baby_noob: Should have said from start of the round no lvl 140 recipes in random instead of trolling us. Reset the pvp system back to the orginal format what you got here is a joke. And the requirements for all gears wasnt lowered only some were
20-02-16 05:59
bob-dylan: - there's still so many bugs.
- Pvp system are broken

And the worst of all that you're being idle when peole complaint about how broken the pvp is

Speaking about the twist? I think i figured it out

The twist is Anniversary Round where supposed to be awesome but in fact became the worst round ever.

Good going
20-02-15 19:19
shiranui: Round is almost over and no announcements on the "Twist" or new lands. Pathetic
20-02-15 17:07
20-02-15 01:19
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