[Gaia PvP #55] Round is OVER!
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cha_hae_in: I agree with mamba!
20-03-18 19:12
n0tistime: -rofl- -taunt-
20-03-15 08:10
the_jockers: PLEASE make the nerf/boosting of classes and important announcement BFR round starts or on day 1 .
20-03-15 00:45
blackmamba_: You can't blame ppl for too much complaining 'coz you are the problem.

Just be active!!!And pls give all the pending rewards and the compensation you mentioned,before you starts a new round!
20-03-14 19:39
-trouble-: Another round starting up already and we still havent seen any of the things promised. So im gonna assume lvl 140 recipes will be "promised" to the top 10 again. But the question is how many rounds will pass before we see them and how can you run things if you always inactive
20-03-14 17:26
nightshadows: We need new moderators to handle the chat and ban folks who break the rules which is a lot. Another thing dont promise things that you cant/wont deliver. If its become to much for one person then ask the players for help im sure there are a few who can code or whatever it is that goes into desgining new stuff. Also since so last round had so much free sp lots of players are maxed out so how about raiseing/deleting sp cap. Since its only 1c per sp after max but 20c per sp under credit services. Love the game but im not buying anymore until changes come.
20-03-14 15:08
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