[Gaia PvP #56] Ideas To Fix PvP
rust_dragon: Fix my gears lol
20-04-09 21:21
vitsu: Make charms level requirement to lv70
20-03-24 12:57
--dimension--: lock down the attacker on the map for few seconds of delay after changing to other map after the attack so no more hit and run gonna happen -good-
20-03-21 07:11
felipexcharls: new spell in assasin like fend and soulbind
20-03-20 20:53
imperial_royal: classes needs balance only the pvp system in gaia #1 itself is good enough
20-03-18 18:45
-paladin-_: 1. Remove 10x damage.

2. Charms/jewels/elixir effects on pvp is only 50%

3. HP boost counted

Additional idea
Endurance and armor are the least valued stats by the players. So can you update both stats so they will be as important as dexterity and wisdom? My idea is to make endurance give 1 armor per 1 endurance (1 endurance = 1 armor) much like 1 strength = 1 damage... We can try new built if you consider this idea

20-03-18 14:02
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