[Gaia PvP #57] PvP Updates
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-op: U should try playing this server dreamer :F
20-04-21 03:27
20-04-21 02:59
--gil--: Change the game name to "one handed Hunter"

Pathetic :F
20-04-21 01:42
klusner: Hp boost not working, then what the point who have extra sp always rules if he decide not to level up some one he will, this is not done I guess, u can check no one is happy come back and remove this change also extend the round so player who stop can back in the contest
20-04-20 20:22
kingmaker: Maybe it's true that everyone wanted a Hardcore do i

But this thing isn't hardcore
This going to be hit and run pvp..

What's the point on pvp and defend set
If you can't survive first attack due to no hp boosts

Nice Update, btw now i can die even with max hp -good-
20-04-20 17:59
-outlaw-: Worst update and a big worst for those free players who do hardwork then it will lost if the killers atk you and died . Worst update im a old player since 2015 i think a now as i comeback the game become useless . After this maybe i would not play here:(
20-04-20 13:59
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