[Martis PvP] X-mas Round Is Back!
2017-12-04 23:54:00
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The final round of 2017 is here - the first ever take of X-mas round in Martis world! This will be a quick and fun round so here are the main updates:

* Evil Santa & Snow Dragon!
Upgraded scrolls for the highest damage dealers! Lands before the Dragons.

* Gremlins Rush!
Available from Level 20 lands and gives Presents as drops!

* Improved Quests Rewards!
Muuuuch more Recipes, Charms & Jewels given!
(Please note that these items are offered only when activated in Features.)

* More Charms & Jewels for Top-50 Class rewards!

* Top-50 Quests ranking is back & gets Charms as rewards!

* Top-50 Pets owners get Snow Dragon as a reward!

* Top-5 best Clans in Clan Jobs will get Energy/Merchant/Traveler/Frenzy modes as Rewards (including mains)!

* Level 3 Charms!
The most powerful boosts are being introduced which can only be crafted from three Level 2 Charms.

* Marketplace updates:
- Available from Level 1 in Martis PvP
- Items with rarity cannot be sold in bulk (rarity was being lost)
- Cannot sell items with gear lock on (to avoid any confusion for buyers)

* Fearless Ghost Dragon's title fixed for Martis.

Please note that rewards will be reworked in the future rounds of 2018 and this is the last chance to grab some credits & generous rewards before the changes.

Good luck to everyone! Have a merry X-mas!