[HONOR] What is it?
2018-01-12 16:00:02
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A new thing is introduced into the game - Honor! Let's explain what you should know about it.

> What is Honor?

Honor (or Honor Points) is a new special collectible which is available only in Gaia #1 & can be spent in Honor Shop. No transfers of any kind possible.

> What will be available to buy from Honor Shop?

- Charms & Ultimate Jewels
- Death/Diablo or maybe even new Runes (not available from PvP rounds anymore)
- Unique Spells (the ones which are not available from map)
- Unique Scrolls
- Unique Recipes

> How will I be able to get Honor?

There will be a few ways to get Honor:
1) PvP rounds.
Your best performing character in the PvP round will earn Honor for your Gaia #1 char (from which the PvP entrance key was used).
2) PvP tourneys (Champions league only).
Trophies will get converted into Honor after each season (capped at 2000 max).
3) Credits purchases.
A new way to reward the supporters of the game - more information on this later.

If you have any questions, please post them in the feedback. Thank you!