The Future of Martis
2018-02-07 16:18:23
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Hi there!

A few important announcements to be aware of for everyone playing in Martis #1.

To begin with, the one-way portal to Gaia #1 (which is now always open) will be closed when this Martis PvP ends (just before the merge). Please note that if you own multiple chars in Martis #1, you may want to move some stuff around.

EVERYONE in Martis #1 will have one final choice whether to stay or go to Gaia #1 - this will be handled automatically no matter when you login (after the closure of one-way portal).

The same choice will be presented after merge for everyone playing Martis PvP (though it is considered that future rounds could not allow going back to Gaia #1).

Why all this?

First of all, Gaia/Martis share the same items/spells and only classes are different - this is because of the portal. However, if these worlds were more different/separate, some new cool stuff could be tried in Martis world (especially during the PvP rounds).

Also, a registration to Martis #1 is enabled permanently - anyone can sign up to play there if they want.

This will give more choices for potential new users and will allow us to try more things.

The new PvP round is starting soon - stay tuned for the updates!