[Martis PvP] 35th Round!
2018-02-08 04:18:08
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Martis PvP is about to start soon and here are the updates for this round:

* A quick 2 weeks round - rankings are stopped as soon as Royal Dragons land.

* Boosted Experience gains!
The experience gains will proportionally increase daily until 10th day when it will reach 3x of the regular experience!
However, ZERO experience after 1000 daily wins (you may focus on Quests/Drops then) so having a good leveling strategy will be very important.

* Increased chance of Physical Hit!
The way Dexterity works was adjusted and increases the minimum chance of hitting (when your Dexterity is lower). In theory, this increases the value of Strength and lowers the value of Dexterity.

* Increased power of Damage Spells!
Wisdom will have a higher impact on most of the spells.

* Damage Spells have a chance of missing - it all depends on your & your enemy's Wisdom.
Let's see how this system works out (especially in PvP) since all classes are equal in Martis world!

* Ranks of enemies decrease every 10 minutes (60 minutes per rank in regular servers).
Also, you will never see an enemy with a higher health than it's rank allows - this was fixed.

* Enabled Credits Transfers to PvP Round!
This Martis PvP allows transferring credits to it but please keep in mind that the future PvP rounds are not guaranteed to have this option (most likely not).

* Updated Dragons Stats!
Dexterity has been considerably decreased & Protection from Spells is capped at max 75%.

* Updated Dragons Hunt!
You will need at least 40 seconds before attacking the Dragon again during the hunt. While it may make the hunt a little bit longer, your strategy and damage dealt will be much more important. It was becoming a speed race and it wasn't good (whoever had a faster internet could win by simply making more attacks with less damage).

* Random Items for Credits Service.
The Shop (as used in Gaia PvP) was removed so even though the random system is far from perfect, at least it will give the same chances to everyone.

* Many other small fixes & balance changes which should improve the general gaming experience.

Everyone has the same playground - there are no plans of adjusting anything related to Dexterity/Wisdom/Spells (any balance adjustments would be decided after gathering feedback/insights from this round).

As you may see, this Martis PvP is trying some new things to balance the competition and making it less predictable.