[Gaia PvP] Announcement of Round #36!
2018-03-08 23:47:56
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The new Gaia PvP is about to start soon and here are the key updates:

[*] Speed Round lasting 2 weeks only!

[*] New Boss: Cipactli!
The mythical creature of Aztec mythology is ready for a challenge! Appears just before the Dragons.

Eagle Warrior
[*] Eagle Warriors Hunt!
Each kill gives +1 Skill Point & +10 Credits! More importantly, Top-50 Hunters get a unique Eagle Dragon pet as a reward!

[*] Rewards for Top-50 Players & Top-10 of each Class!
Please check the updated rewards at Gaia PvP > Rewards.

[*] Spells Miss!
Slightly smaller chance to miss than in last round of Martis PvP but now the Druids won't be the only viable option for Dragons Hunt.

[*] Boosted Experience!
Since this is a speed round, the experience rate was greatly increased but experience gains are limited to 1000 daily wins (same as in last Martis PvP).

More updates to be announced & ideas are very welcome in the comments!