[Gaia PvP] Round #38 Starts!
2018-05-11 20:42:16
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A new round of Gaia PvP is starting soon and here are the key updates:

* Hunt: Grim Riders!
The Grim Riders will roam the lands and bring fear to their enemies! A terrible curse awaits those who are foolish enough to combat them. Each kill gives +50 Credits & Yggdrasil's seed.

* Soul of Reapers!
Appears just before the Dragons and gives a unique Magic Scroll & +5,000 Honor to the one who does the most damage to it!

* NEW Level 130 recipes: Dragon Armor (body armor) & The Guardian (helmet)!

* NEW items to improve your main gear: Rare/Epic/Mythic Powders!
Used in crafting with a recipe and updates it's tier. Only available as PvP Round reward (please check at Gaia PvP > Rewards)!

* Enemies got random stats boosts for this round!
Provides some extra challenges and dynamics.

Good luck to everyone!