[Martis PvP] Round #39 Starts!
2018-06-09 23:12:29
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Rating: 4.64

* Wraith Dragon!
Another unique powerful Dragon landing just before the Dragons. The one who deals the most damage will get rewarded with +5,000 Honor!

* Dragon Priests Hunt!
Another Hunt worth your attention: each kills gives +25 Credits & a new item - Treasure Chest!

* Hero Specialties!
You will be able to select a specialty: Warrior, Rogue or Mage!
Each choice gives a different boost and can be changed ANYTIME (at Settings > Hero Specialty). This is only for Martis PvP!

* Random boosts for Enemies!
Stats are randomly adjusted for all enemies - just a small twist to possibly adjust your targets while leveling up.

* New Legendary Items!
Dragon Armor & The Guardian was added to drops in Martis world.

* Top-10 Supporters will get x1 Mythic Powder!
Same offer as last time applies.

* Improved Reward for the Quest of Datun!
It will give a much bigger boost now - this increase applies only in PvP round.

* Bug Fixes!
Quests for Dwarfs & Trolls were fixed (inaccessible targets at low levels were given).

Good luck to everyone competing - have a good round!

P.S.: Thanks to nightshadows, beegees & supreme_human for their ideas which were spot on - each of you got a reward of +2,500 Credits.