[Martis PvP] 41st Round!
2018-08-04 22:59:47
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Greetings everyone!

PvP Round #41 is starting in a few days and updates are announced earlier this time.

Forest God
* New Boss - Forest God!
Appears just before the Dragons arrival!
The best attacker will get a titled scroll and a total of 10,000 Honor will be given for the hunters (1 Honor for each 1,000 damage).

* Satyrs Hunt!
Each kill will give +50 Credits & Treasure Chest!
Moreover, Top-50 Hunters will get rewarded with Forest God's Spell for both their PvP & main chars!

* Important changes in Rewards!
From now on Credits will be rewarded only in the Gaia PvP. Since Martis PvP allows transfers from other servers, instead very generous amounts of Skill Points will be given to your main char. Martis PvP should be viewed as an opportunity to make your mains stronger (and earn some extra Honor too!).

* Free Diamond, Energy, Frenzy & Merchant modes for all the participants!

* Pieced Items now get at least Uncommon tier when crafted!

* Timer for freshly spawned enemies!
Same as in last Gaia PvP: 15 seconds & doesn't apply to those who have recently killed an enemy in that land.

* Flat Experience rate!
All first 1000 daily wins will give full experience. 1% experience for the next 1000 wins and no experience afterwards.

* No Unscroll & Deconstruct!
PvP Rounds should be harder and this is one of the ways to do it.

* Magic Scrolls for Credits will be titled.

* Up to 10 PvP battles in 1 hour vs the same opponent are allowed.

See you in Martis PvP!

P.S.: If there are some other changes that you'd like to see in this round, feel free to suggest in the comments & it might be added.