[Martis PvP] More 41st Round Updates!
2018-08-07 22:46:23
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Martis PvP is about to start very soon and here are some more changes to help you out!

* Top-3 Players get a Totally Unique Reward: Yggdrasil Pendant!
This amulet is not available anywhere else and won't be. Reserved exclusively for PvP round rewards.
The item gives +444 for each of the stats and requires level 100 to wear it.

* Epic Rarity Recipes given as Rewards (instead of Rare)!
Rare Recipes aren't that useful with Epic & Mythic available so a one-tier higher recipes are given instead after the round.

* DOUBLED Skill Points Rewards For Top-50!
The #1 gets an astonishing 5,000 Skill Points (worth 100,000 Credits)! The 50th player gets 250 Skill Points (worth 5,000 Credits). Those who are looking for Credits as rewards - please compete in the next Gaia PvP as the Credits reward will be increased there.
However, Martis PvP will be an attractive opportunity for others to earn some Honor & Skill Points.
Please note that these Skill Points will go to your MAIN char using which the PvP char was created.

* DOUBLED Drop Chance of Magic Scrolls (Titled too)!
When comparing with previous Martis PvP.
Please also note that Magic Scrolls will be titled once purchased via Credits services. This will help getting those rare Barbarian (V) or Assassin (V) titles.

* TRIPLED Drop Chance of Recipes!
When comparing with previous Martis PvP.
More importantly, Level 100 Recipes will be available from Level 60 Enemies too (now a minimum of Level 80 enemy was needed). Also, Level 100+ Recipes can be received as drops too.

Hope this helps!