[Gaia PvP] 42nd Round Updates (2/2)
2018-09-09 20:20:36
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Hi there!

Here are the remaining updates of this 42nd Gaia PvP Round:

* New Quest in Dragonstone - Kilgor!
Even more skill points to help you out! This quest will appear in Gaia #1 after the PvP round ends.

* Kreegan city expanded & now has a new keeper - Octavia!
This works in Gaia #1 too!

* Credits & Honor Rewards are given for Top-10 of each class instead of Top-50 global ranking.

* Unscroll & Unsocket Enabled.
No Deconstruct though - it will be for Gaia #1 only.

* 1% experience for all wins after 1000 daily wins.

* No Aurora! It was a one-time experiment.

* No level requirements for hunting grounds (excluding Towns)!
This avoids the problem we've had in the last Gaia PvP when the characters could learn overpowering spells. However, the hunting freedom remains.

* No Jewels/Runes were dropped after 1500 daily wins (in Gaia #1 as well) - this restriction was removed.

* Doubled chance of Rune drops!
Level 60 Runes can be received as drops too!

* Higher rates of Magic Scrolls (including titled ones) when comparing with regular Gaia PvP rounds.

* PvP battles are restricted when there are 10 battles between two players in the last 15 minutes (was 60 minutes).
More battles - more excitement! After all, it's a Hardcore PvP Round.

Good luck to everyone competing!