[Gaia PvP] 43rd Round is HERE!
2018-10-05 22:51:59
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First of all, huge thanks for all the ideas - got so many great ones and too bad there is not enough time to realize more of them. It will be kept in mind for the future PvP rounds though!

Here are the updates of this round:

* Lich King is the main boss of this Halloween round!
A total of 15,000 Honor will be given to attackers! 1 Honor for each 1 thousand damage done!
The one who deals the most damage will get the unique scroll & a totally exclusive powerful ring - Lich King's Heart!

* Ghouls Hunt!
Get Treasure Chests & 50 Credits for each kill!
Top-25 Hunters will get a Ghoul pet & Top-5 will get Ghoul's Magic Scroll!

* Heroic Powder for Top-3 highest ranked players (was Top-1 only).

* Pumpkins dropping around with some Credits inside (at a much higher rate than in other servers)!

* Free Diamond/Energy/Merchant/Traveler modes for everyone in PvP round!

* Double Stamina regeneration rate! More battles = more fun.

* Titled Magic Scrolls are *ONLY* dropped by Ace Rank Enemies!
This also means that all enemies have ranks now & their ranks are not reducing in PvP round.

* Level requirements for all maps are brought back (mainly to reduce the temptation of creating multiple chars).

* The chance to miss a spell was decreased so the spells will hit a bit more often.

* Quests are activated from Day 5 and will have some useful updates to them!

* PvP battles will activated from Day 4 only.

* No Jewels/Charms/Elixirs are effective in PvP battles!

* More PvP battles between two players allowed: up to 20 in 10 minutes!

* Health/Mana is regenerated after leveling up (only in PvP round).

* Events Chat will remain empty this round.
The found scrolls revealed the location of players so in a real PvP round this should not be known.

* Damage to Dragons will be hidden during the hunt!
Seeing someone getting the scroll has discouraged others from continuing their attacks - now the secret of winners will be kept until the end.

* Pieced items will have lower level requirements!

P.S.: a small update for Gaia #1 - Marketplace works in Aurora.

Good luck to everyone competing & have fun!