IMPORTANT: Set Password if you don't have one!
2018-10-07 15:17:20
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This is a super important announcement for everyone using Facebook to login:
please make sure all your chars have passwords set to ensure you always have access to it.

It is *strongly* advised to set e-mail too if you haven't yet.


Facebook forces to use "https" (secure) connection and BlackDragon uses "http". Therefore, in case Facebook connect wouldn't work for you, you would still have password to login the usual way.

We will update BlackDragon to "https" (secure) protocol as soon as possible but this will require maintenance (we will be unaccessible for a short time) and this cannot happen during the PvP round.

Is is also strongly advised to use both numbers & letters in your password to make it stronger (even better to mix lowercase/uppercase letters or even use some symbols) - this provides the most secure passwords. Anything guessable or from a dictionary is not advised as well.