[Gaia PvP] Quests Update
2018-10-08 23:38:55
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These changes are available in all servers:

* A total of 25 daily Quests are allowed to be completed (was 20).

* The duration of fastest expiring quests was extended (4 & 8 hours instead of 2 & 4 as it was).

These changes are only for PvP round:

* More Recipes given as reward (more than doubled rate if compared with previous Gaia PvP).

* Experience was adjusted and now depends only on your player level.
The Quests previously were not balanced and sometimes more experience was given for lower level quests which was not reasonable. The update encourages more linear & fair gains of experience. Please note that this change will mostly be felt at higher levels where a very reasonable amount of experience will be rewarded.

Good luck to everyone!