[Terra] About World/Map
2019-01-04 16:03:49
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The key concept is that each round of Terra PvP will be totally UNIQUE.

Yes, it will have the same enemies/items as in Gaia/Martis (but most likely rebalanced with different stats). However, the world map will be created from scratch each time and will have a totally different layout/names/looks which will provide different gameplay/challenges.

While this might sound confusing, here are some things you should know that will be helpful:

* There will be a FREE teleport to any land which you can use anytime you need (the "change map" feature which usually costs 1 credit).

* Each world of Terra will have 5 towns and everyone will be able to access the same towns. After death, you will be automatically revived at the town closest to your character's level.

* The map will resemble a perfect maze which means that all maps put next to each other form a perfect square but there is only one path from the start to the end.

* The dragons will land in the final map at the end of the path (requiring a Level 100 character).

As a comparison, Martis world resembles a two-dimensional cube and navigating it gets quite puzzling. If you would get lost in Terra world, you could simply use the free teleport where all maps with level requirements are listed. Also, the higher the level needed for the map - the closer it is to the end.

After the merge, you will have a choice of going to Gaia #1 or Martis #1.

Why all this trouble? Weren't Gaia/Martis PvP good enough?

It's harder to rebalance items/enemies in Gaia/Martis as players are used to it and no one wants to have their strength decreased, right? Terra will provide a blank canvas with a huge replayability element and much more freedom to create a true competition.

Any questions are welcome in the comments & stay tuned to hear more!