[Terra] What You Should Know
2019-01-09 19:40:56
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The 1st Terra PvP is about to start soon and before the official announcement of the round, here is some important information you should find helpful.

* There simply wasn't enough time to make a remastered world of the scale that was intended. Therefore, expect the future rounds to be more different and please consider this as a starting point.

* Even though this round features Martis chars (for the sake of simplicity/balance), any classes could be featured in the future. There was an interesting idea by -iu- proposed that a round could have just a single class from Gaia. Could you imagine a Druids only round?

* The biggest challenge is rebalancing the enemies, drops & items so the progression is more linear & balanced. Only minor changes will be done for this round but *much more* data than ever before will be tracked - all of it will be used in data analysis to make balance improvements. Doing major changes without any data backing it up could only be harmful at this point.

* It is likely that some unexpected problems could pop up so in case you notice anything unusual - please report immediately. Any balances/changes will be announced and done during the midnight (server time) so it affects everyone in the same way.

* The goal of Terra PvP is quite simple: to provide a competitive, dynamic & interactive world where the best players could shine. In other words, to offer the best this game has.
This might require some time so your suggestions/ideas are always helpful.

Stay tuned to learn more what this round offers!