[Terra] Round #1
2019-01-09 23:43:41
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Greetings everyone!

The 1st Round of Terra PvP is ready!

* Forest Dragon awaits!
This powerful beast has 10 million health and you'll get +1 Honor for each 1,000 damage done. The highest damage dealer will get a very special exclusive magic scroll!

* Spriggans Hunt!
Each kill will give +20 Credits & Treasure Chest (random Jewel/Charm/Recipe).
Top-25 Hunters will receive a unique Magic Scroll.

* Top-100 players will get rewarded.
Top-5 will get exclusive Dragonscale Armor (Level 135 item) which is not available anywhere else.

* Totally new world with 64 lands - generated JUST for this round & never playable again!
Free teleport to all lands available.

* Only enemies from the regular Gaia world (excluding Aurora) are available in this world.
Please note that their strength & experience was boosted as well. The stronger the enemy - the bigger the boost.

* Some updates to the experience gains: winning without a kill gives full experience (was 50%).

* The first 1000 wins give a full 100% experience. The next 1000 give 25% experience each. All wins afterwards give 2.5%.

* Pieced items have lower level requirements & each piece can be sold for 1,000 gold now.

* Only 10 Daily Quests & Charms are excluded from rewards.

* Death penalty timer reduced to 5 seconds only & no experience losses for this round.

* Multiple Skill Points can be added (this was supposed to be done earlier).

* If any changes/fixes will be needed, they will be made at the midnight (server time) so it affects everyone equally.

Good luck to everyone competing & please post any feedback you have!