[Gaia PvP #46] Boar King & All Features On Mode!
2019-02-22 17:52:28
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Greetings everyone!

Gaia PvP is back with some new updates! This round is a bit different.

* Boar King will be the final boss waiting for you!
The reward is an exclusive Level 135+ shield - Stormcaller! 20,000 Honor will be split between damage dealers.

* Two Hunts at the same time: Mighty & Magic Boars!
Each kill gives +25 credits & Treasure chest.
Top-25 hunters get two different scrolls each!

* All Features are ON from Day 1.
A key update which changes the gameplay & strategy of the round.

* Fixed experience rate (not increasing every day).

* Some of the previous Terra updates remain - suggestions are welcome.

Good luck to all the participants!