Black Dragon Challenge + New PvP & Arena Seasons
2019-03-21 15:10:53
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Hi there!

Finally, as expected, the Black Dragon Challenge is here too!

Top-20 in Gaia & Top-5 in Martis will get a titled Black Dragon's Magic Scroll & Level 4 Charms each.

Rewards for the completed levels:
Lvl 5 - Charm of Chaac (II)
Lvl 10 - Charm of Gaia (II)
Lvl 15 - Charm of Naraka (II)
Lvl 20 - Charm of Chaac (III)
Lvl 25 - Charm of Gaia (III)
Lvl 30 - Charm of Naraka (III)
Lvl 35 - Charm of Chaac (III)
Lvl 40 - Charm of Gaia (III)
Lvl 45 - Charm of Naraka (III)
Lvl 50 - Mythic Powder

The new seasons of PvP Tourney & Arena are starting too!

All these new events start at midnight (server time) & will last until April 20th.

Good luck to everyone competing!