[Gaia PvP #47] Eggs Hunt
2019-04-03 13:37:22
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Here is the information regarding the Eggs Hunt:

* Eggs will be dropped in all maps but the higher level areas have higher chances of it appearing.
Also, Velociraptors will drop guaranteed Eggs too!

* Each cracked Dinosaur Egg will give you +1 point in the Eggs Hunt.
For a full ranking, check Rankings > Eggs Hunt.

* All these cracked Eggs will also contain something inside - expect a few surprises too!

* Top-50 players in this ranking will get rewarded with new unique pets (the higher the position - the stronger pet).
This reward is ONLY for Gaia world so if you are planning to get transferred to Martis, please inform me in advance and an alternative reward can be given (please note that things that do not exist in Martis will not get transferred there - such as pets).

Good luck in the Eggs Hunt to everyone!