Empyrean Challenge!
2019-05-31 19:27:12
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A new challenge will be available since midnight (server time) & will last until June 30th.

Please note that PvP Tourney & Arena seasons have started today and will last until that day too.

This challenge is a mix of the old & new format we've had and here is what you should know:

* You will get lives automatically every 15 minutes, and 20 is the max you can have.

* If all lives are used, a battle can be performed for 2 credits.

* Instead of finding an event token, you will get ALL lives back to max! The chance of this happening has slightly increased too.

Please note that Top-3 (both in Gaia & Martis) will get an exclusive Empyrean's Magic Scroll which gives +2500 Wisdom!

All other rewards will be found in Challenge > Rewards.

Good luck to everyone participating!