[Gaia PvP #49] Golem King & Golems Hunt! Castles Back!
2019-06-22 21:41:12
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Greetings everyone!

Here are the updates for this upcoming Gaia PvP:

* Golem King!
A total of 10,000 honor will be given to damage dealers.
The highest damage dealer will get a unique Golem King's scroll & Golem Armor.

* Lava Golems Hunt!
Each kill will give +20 credits, Treasure Chest & Yggdrasil's seed (random skill point)!

* Lava Golem's Scroll given to Top-25 hunters!
Armor: +2000
Strength: +200
Dexterity: +200
Endurance: +200
Wisdom: +200

* Golem Armor!
Top player of each class will get an exclusive Golem Armor (Level 135+ in Gaia).
Armor: +3000
Strength: +200
Dexterity: +200
Endurance: +200
Wisdom: +200
Stamina: +100

* Golem King's Magic Scroll!
Armor: +4000
Strength: +400
Dexterity: +400
Endurance: +400
Wisdom: +400

* Adjusted Dragon stats will be visible at Gaia PvP > Dragons Hunt which will help to prepare better.
The stats are still being tested and will be announced in the next 2 days.

* Dragons Hunt update: no PvP in Teleport Aurora & when dying against Dragons or Round's Boss you will get revived with full health/mana in the same map.
Hopefully, this encourages more players to participate in the hunt as each 1000 damage dealt will be rewarded with +1 Honor (same as in last Martis PvP).

* Full experience from the first 1000 daily wins, and 5% from all next.

* Ability to turn on/off Daily Wins anytime in Settings > PvP Round.
This will allow hunting for ingredients without using any of those precious daily wins. No experience gains when it's disabled.

* Castles are available!
Each castle gives +5% experience boost for the clan's members.
If a clan occupies castle, no other clan can take it away for at least 20 minutes (was 2 minutes).
No experience or drops are received in castles (daily wins are not used too).

* PvP is more hardcore as it should be - all boosts/jewels are counted as it was during the older days.

* The lowest chance to miss a regular attack is 33% (was 25%).

* Armor absorbs a maximum of 80% average damage (was 90% of minimum damage).

* The maximum effect of boost spells is 75% for all classes (was 50% except 75% for Druid).

* Druids getting a bigger Endurance boost.

* Barbarians will get a new spell - Earthquake which inflicts Earth damage & gives Frenzy (similar to Soul Bind).
Found in Kreegan so a Level 60 is required.

* Amazon's & Assassin's critical boost is capped at 250% (was 300%).

If you have any ideas/suggestions for this round, feel free to post in the comments. Some minor changes can be done in the next few days and no more updates are planned later.

Good luck to everyone!