[Gaia] +2 New Castles!
2019-07-19 22:48:49
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Hello there!

Introducing Kreegan Castle & Necropolis Castle! We have a total of 8 castles now!

Important changes:

* A single clan cannot control more than 3 castles but the experience boosts remains the same (3 castles give +100% and before all 6 were required).

* 1 Castle gives +50% exp boost (as before) & 2 Castles give +75% exp boost (required 4 castles before).

* Once a Castle is occupied, it cannot be reoccupied by another clan for 1 hour.

* Occupying a Castle now costs 10 million gold (more than 2500 players have such amount).

* Recruiting units in Castle is more expensive now.

Please note that Castles still have HARDCORE PvP enabled so be careful when you are there as you may lose the gear you are wearing.

Gaia PvP will keep the same rules but way lower prices & exp boosts.

Hopefully, this encourages more clans to participate as we are a small community and will make the Castles PvP more lively!

Suggestions to make further improvements are welcome. Good luck to everyone!

P.S.: Oakheart still controls all 6 castles as of now so it has to be reoccupied by another clan first.