[Gaia PvP #50] Round of Kings!
2019-07-20 21:29:19
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Gaia PvP #50 is here & we are calling it the round of Kings! A definitely unique round with some of the best from the previous rounds!

* 5 bosses in 1 round!
Get ready for Evil Pumpking (Round #44), Golem King (Round #49), King of Garuda (Round #42), Wendigo King (Round #48) & the only undefeated boss - Boar King (Round #46)!
Each of these bosses will appear with 10 million health & +1 Honor will be given for every 1000 damage dealt.
Top damage dealers will get a unique scroll & item accordingly (if it was given during that round).

* Kings Ring!
A totally exclusive ring for Top-3 players! Best player of each class will get it too!

* Velociraptors Hunt!
One of the most memorable hunts so far! These creatures will be even tougher to beat now!
Top-50 will get a Velociraptor's Magic Scroll!

* Stronger Dragons.
Since the last armor/dexterity update made physical classes a viable option (Barbarian won), the dragons will get stronger to make it more challenging.

* Castles Update.
The latest Castles update is enabled here too so 8 Castles are available.
One clan cannot control more than 3 and occupying a Castle costs 25 thousand gold. Castle cannot be reoccupied by another clan for 30 minutes.
1st Castle gives +10% exp boost, 2nd - gives +20% exp boost, and 3rd gives +30% exp boost.

* Legendary Gear's Requirements Change.
All Legendary Gear's requirements are reduced by 30 levels. Yes, this means that this round will have the strongest builds ever.

* Magic Scrolls Update.
The level requirement of the random title you get will not exceed your character's level. This means no more Behemoth's weapons crafted during the first levels which makes magic scrolls way more useful from the first days.

* Experience Rate Adjustment.
Wins from 1000 to 1500 will give 50% experience. Everything else remains the same as in the last round.

* Some Adjustments of Class Bonuses.
Slightly increased: Necromancer's Dexterity, Necromancer's Damage, Amazon's Armor, Druid's Dexterity & Druid's Endurance.

* Gear Partially Hidden.
To make the PvP battles more exciting.

* Unequip All Gear Faster.
If you open any gear item, you will find "Unequip All" option which takes all your gear off after a confirmation. Will allow changing equipment faster if needed.

Good luck to everyone participating in this round! Let's have a good one!