[Gaia PvP #50] The Round is OVER!
2019-08-17 01:31:37
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Rating: 4.71

First of all, THANKS to everyone who has participated in this round - it was a highly competitive one which was definitely fun to witness!

The newest Royal Diablo is -iky- (-tak3n-) and the newest Diablo is spoof.

Most Dragons/Bosses were killed by -bheema-.

Top Barbarian: -cacabaca-
Top Druid: scrolls_hunter
Top Paladin: santhimary
Top Necromancer: -too_tired-
Top Amazon: -tak3n-
Top Assassin: spoof

I know this round was from perfect and there are many things that could have been improved. Taking a short breath & rethinking the game's future is what's on the horizon right now.

Suggestions/ideas are welcome as always.

Thanks to everyone playing & supporting this game - it wouldn't be here without you.