[Martis PvP] Round #51
2019-09-01 21:49:58
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Rating: 3.66

This will be a super quick round with some twists to it.

* New Boss: Reptilian King!
Defeat to get a unique scroll. 10,000 Honor will be split between damage dealers.

* Crocman Hunt!
Each kill gets a Treasure Chest & +25 Credits. Top-50 Hunters get unique scroll too.

* 14 days round!
Check PvP Server > Features for the updated list of when the features get activated.

* Adjusted Rewards.
Top-100 players will be rewarded (instead of Top-50) and no rewards for Quests & Pets this time.

* No Experience gains limit.
All wins give +100%. Experimental for this round.

* Disabled Marketplace.

* Disable Trades.

* Disable gear losses in PvP.

This basically means that everyone will have the gear they have gained themselves only. No point of having alt account too.

Good luck to everyone & let's hope this will be a short but fun round!

Please note that the next round will be Gaia PvP and we will try the idea of having only 1 class in a round. It may be unusual and weird but might be a perfect way to see how classes compare against Dragons of the same strength.

Kind redards,