[Gaia PvP #54] X-mas Round of Barbarians!
2019-11-29 22:55:03
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The X-mas themed Gaia PvP #54 dedicated to Barbarians is about to start soon!

* New Boss: Baphomet!
The highest damage dealer will be rewarded with Kingmaker (exclusive best Axe in the game). A unique scroll will be given too.

* Ghour Hunt!
Each kill gives you a Treasure Chest, +25 credits & a special Eerie Potion. Drinking the potion gives +1 random skill point.
Top-25 hunters will be rewarded with Ghour's Magic Scroll & Honor.

* Presents in Map!
Appears more often than in other servers and has a chance of giving +1 skill point.
It can be found as a bonus drop too!

* The Good Witch Quest!
Help her to find the missing X-mas items! +100 skill points is given as a reward.
Please be aware that this quest is only available in this round of Gaia PvP (so any unused quest items will be removed after the merge).

* Hardcore PvP! As it should be - you are joining the PvP round after all.
- The health boost will not work in PvP battles (but it will not cancel it after the battle if you do not die).
- Since the health is already boosted for everyone in PvP round by default, the damage in PvP battles is also boosted x3 times.
- Charms/Jewels/Elixirs are not boosting stats in PvP battles (multiple reasons to try this so let's see how it works out).
- Notifications about all PvP battles will be shown in Events chat (not only kills as it was now).

* 3rd Set of Gear!
Yes, everyone will be able to use up to 3 sets of gear - hopefully, this expands the strategy and gives more options for everyone.
All sets are separate and if you die in PvP battle, you will lose the item from the set you are using at that moment.

* Top-1 player will get +100k Credits & +10k Honor as a reward. The biggest reward ever.

* Top-5 players will get a Kingmaker (exclusive best Axe in the game).

* Top-5 players are rewarded with a Heroic Powder (was Top-3).

* All Dragon/Boss hunters will share 100k Honor between them (the most ever too).

* New spell for Barbarians: Relentless Rage!
Found in Conflux town & works as Frenzy + Stoneskin combined.

* Stoneskin can be found in the starting town.

* New pieced & legendary Gear for Barbarians.
A separate announcement with details will be made before the Pieces are enabled.

* Features are enabled earlier and in a different order.
Please check Gaia PvP > Features for an up-to-date list.

* Experience rate is slightly adjusted (~1500 wins will give similar experience to what ~2000 wins gave before).
The cap goes down to 2.5% at 1500 wins (was 5% at 2000) but the base experience rate is boosted to compensate.

* New map: Goblins Hollow (found inside Goblins cave) to give more Level 1 hunting grounds.

* Charms level requirements do not exceed Level 100 (just for PvP round).

* Gelare's Ring is dropping in Gaia PvP too.

* Multiple minor fixes/updates.

Good luck to everyone participating!

P.S.: The Honor Shop will get the promised update before X-mas.