Royal Dragon Challenge (+ New Arena & PvP Tourney Seasons)
2020-01-16 19:06:58
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Hi there,

All these events will last until February 1st (midnight server time) so hurry up to get the rewards!

This Challenge uses event tokens again so you'll have to hunt in Aurora for them.

Top-1 player will get an exclusive item but it's not decided yet - the winner might be able to choose himself/herself (the type or the primary attribute).

Top-10 will get Royal Dragon's Magic Scrolls (was Top-5).

Rewards were updated too so here's the full list:

Lvl 3 - Charm of Chaac (II)
Lvl 6 - Rune Death
Lvl 9 - Charm of Gaia (II)
Lvl 12 - Rune Death
Lvl 15 - Charm of Naraka (II)
Lvl 18 - Rune Death
Lvl 21 - Charm of Chaac (III)
Lvl 24 - Rune Death (II)
Lvl 27 - Charm of Gaia (III)
Lvl 30 - Rune Death (II)
Lvl 32 - Charm of Naraka (III)
Lvl 34 - Rare Powder
Lvl 36 - Charm of Chaac (III)
Lvl 38 - Rune Death (II)
Lvl 40 - Charm of Gaia (III)
Lvl 42 - Epic Powder
Lvl 44 - Charm of Naraka (III)
Lvl 46 - Rune Death (III)
Lvl 48 - Mythic Powder
Lvl 50 - Supreme Death Angel's Potion (or something of similar value in Martis)

P.S. Boosts were extended by 10 days again (last time though) and Gaia has higher tokens drop chances than it was before.

Good luck to everyone!