Level 140 Recipes Rewarded
2020-06-30 21:27:49
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The pending rewards of Level 140 recipes have finally been given - please check your inventories of PvP chars who were supposed to get it.

Please not that some exclusive items were improved a bit as well (Golem Armor, Thundersoul, Windripper, Santa's Hat, Dragonscale Armor).

Some adjustments to the new items could be made as well - please be aware of that.

If you have any problems crafting items or anything like that, please report to me.

How the rewards are determined?

Top-10 of PvP round gets it. If you finish #1 as Paladin, you will get all 4 new recipes of Paladin. If you finish #10, you will only get a single item.

The weapon is given first, then a shield/quiver (or another weapon in case of Assassin), then body armor, and finally the helm.

Any questions or suggestions are welcome!