Level 136 Supreme Amazon

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I was typed letters on this profile but its too long, so I will make its sorter. to all my friends on the sorcerer clan thank you for being my friends I miss you all (I want say more but I afraid its cant put at my profile again). To dreamer thanks, you made awesome game but now Im alone and Im BORED also TIRED, I hope you made terra #1 and open gaia #3 for a new adventure, Im already here since 2013/2014. or launching bdv2 and we start from zero again, you know? after I got high lv Im boring. mobs is 1x hit died, about antagarich mobs is not 1x hit died but its draining health and credits but still drop junk item lol. I love play pvp server because I play from lv 1 again and after reach high lv Im bored so I just come to play server pvp. Hi maybe my first char here is lova19 I didnt remember its as well but its suspended -facepalm2- Im QUIT
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