Level 144 Royal Diablo

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PvP Round Winner #53
PvP Round Winner #51
Close your eyes and spread your wings. Make a wish and dream good dreams. Don’t ever say you’ll never tell. ‘Cause life is short and very frail. Just be still and take a look. Before you know it, you’ll be hooked. Then once in a blink of an eye, You’ll soon realize it was all a lie. Up you look and there they’re gone. Why two days feel so long? What was once there has disappeared. Now, love is the one thing to fear. Why say go when it was no? You open your eyes only to find What lied there was your sign. So close your eyes and spread your wings. Make a good wish and LIVE your dreams!
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Quests:  74
Wins Today:  37
Units Killed:  203,881
PvP Wins:  63
PvP Losses:  24
Tasks:  32
PvP Round Ranking:  #51
Class Ranking:  #8
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