Level 87 Death Angel Assassin

Seen today @ Gaia #1

Arena [5]
I will be the very best that no one ever was going and catch my way to top of the ladder going make my dream become more like reality thanks to the special people in this game that help me. I am the only Kurama (九喇嘛, Kurama)the ninetail fox🔱🔱⚔☸🤘🤘👌I going clear the road to my destiny will never turn my back to my true friend thanks guys for everything ☺☺☺I will never give up my dream.soon my dream will become a reality thank a lot guys Constantine,temper,anduen ,overkill,ghost,timless and nightshadow you guy really help me find my way in this game.I lost a lot of friend from this game good luck new player
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Quests:  53
Wins Today:  179
Units Killed:  12,593
PvP Wins:  2
PvP Losses:  1
Tasks:  0
Country: France
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