Level 126 Supreme Assassin

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selling Fallen Archangel's (III) Keh's rulership [Epic] "xaxdxix" Crystal dragon's The Fourth Wind [Epic] "xaxdxix" Deadly Lich's Hero's ring [Rare] "xaxdxix" Krampus's The Lich's Eye [Epic] "xaxdxix" Longwing's Dawntread [Epic] 2018-05-30 12:08:09 ------------- Viddoc ✔✔ ------------- The Chieftain Zweihander Barbarian kings mace Imperial sword Azure claymore Hell plague Skull collector Razortine Shaman staff Glorious sword Archon staff Jadetando ---------- Venoms ward White wolf's head Worm skull Sacred armor Kraken shell Lance guard Pelta lunata War bonnet Wall of eyes The centurion Steel clash Poison mail
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Quests:  115
Units Killed:  8,260
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PvP Losses:  0
Tasks:  2
Country: Indonesia
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